Research and artistic journey

1989 – 1993      School of Architecture and Fine Arts Graphic Design at Darmstadt

1998 – 2003      perpective, lines and drain,

landscapes of Arcachon   

The study of the vanishing line

joint nesting and illusion

representation in three dimensions        black and white time


2003 – 2005      Colors and their strength,                        orange and blue    oil

the landscape of southern France


2004 – 2005      The solids,

landscapes of Greece oil


Confrontation and mass of solid color complementary color

light intensity

exaggerated by the abstract



2004 – 2006      The line and the vanishing point,            orange and blue acrylic

landscapes of the warm sea


The need for hope and research

the need to ignore this

the desire and aspiration of support by the hope in the future


2005 – 2006      The naked female                                   blue acrylic

silhouette busts


2007 – 2011      The soft colors and depth                                   Earth and sand, acrylic

the midnight sun and full shade of the Day       black with grey


is essentially the way, the color is handrail

expression and dynamism driven by a desire for future

The sweetness of hope for love


2012 – 2015      Nord-Licht - Aurora Borealis


2015 – 2018      Lumière Australe


2018 – 2019      Asian Lights


2019 – 2019      Lux